Free hand cream for NHS

9 Apr 2020

My Trusty currently contributes a portion of our profits back to the NHS, however during this trying time we want to support our brave NHS employees even more so. Therefore, we have set aside 250 tubes of our Sunflower hand cream to be given away to 250 NHS employees. The cream, as with all our products, was originally developed by the NHS so it only seems right that some of it goes back to... Read More »

Marie Roberts – Harnham Physiotherapy Clinic

18 May 2018

  Marie Roberts runs the Harnham Physiotherapy Clinic, she has recently  begun stocking the My Trusty Skincare range to aid treatment for her patients.  The Harnham Physiotherapy Clinic, is an established and well reputed clinic in Salisbury. Their impressive and diverse team of highly skilled Physiotherapists offer a wide variety of evidence-based treatments to a  range of clients... Read More »


2 May 2018

  SCARS / WOUNDS Scarring is an essential part of the wound healing process that happens after surgery, burns or trauma, as the body attempts to restore the skin barrier.  Scars commonly mature into flat and pale scars.  However, they can behave abnormally when they become hypertrophic scars or keloids.  These scars are red, raised and firm. Hypertrophic scars and keloids are... Read More »

Lindsey’s battle with breast cancer and her ‘magic’ pot of Sunflower Cream….

1 Mar 2018

Following a mastectomy in October 2017 I experienced wound complications. A seroma followed by a bleed meant delayed wound healing. By the time I had completed 15 sessions of Radiotherapy my chest wall was burnt, sore and angry. I couldn’t even bare a sheet to touch me. I asked the Radiotherapy team on several occasions if they knew of a skin care product that could help me. I was advised... Read More »

Goulds of Dorchester showcase its support with NHS skincare!

9 Feb 2018

Our friends at Goulds in Dorchester are so delighted with the feedback from their customers on how much they love our NHS skincare range, they have extended it to their other two stores.  Fields of Sidmouth, in the heart of Regency Sidmouth and Trinity House in Axminster, Devon are pleased to welcome the NHS’s own skincare brand My Trusty™, created eye-catching displays. Why not... Read More »

Harlington Hospice Moves My Trusty™ 

30 Jan 2018

When one of our customers with Lymphoedema wrote to us telling us how brilliant My Trusty™ helped her skin, we felt we had to follow this up.  After getting in touch, we were told about Harlington Hospice, Middlesex and the fantastic Lymphoedema self-management support group they run every week.  The group is open to everyone, and promotes its Tripudio exercise classes publicly to... Read More »

We have fantastic news! ……..

2 Dec 2017

Our My Trusty Sunflower Body Butter (200ml) achieved ‘Highly Commended - Best New Body Care Product’  at the prestigious annual  Beauty Awards 2017 with OK!  magazine. Held in the Pavilion within the beautiful grounds of The Tower of London , our team dressed up for the occasion to mix with the stars of the skincare world.  We had a fantastic night which was hosted by Amanda... Read More »

Say ‘Hello’ to Spring Chicken

13 Nov 2017

The Pharmacy Show allowed us to be introduced to a number of retailers who were interested in having the My Trusty skincare range in their stores. In conversation with Sarah Boyle - co-founder of Spring Chicken, we answered the following questions about My Trusty that she knew her customers would ask.  Spring Chicken now stock My Trusty in their mail-order catalogue which is circulated... Read More »

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