About My Trusty

Leading NHS skincare scientists, dissatisfied with moisturisers currently available, developed and tested a sunflower seed oil formula to repair damaged skin from burns and scars.

High grade natural sunflower seed oil was chosen as the primary ingredient because it is rich in linoleic acid that has many beneficial properties for healthy skin. Essential fatty acids keep the skin soft and hydrated, resulting in the elimination of uncomfortable, dry, itchy skin.

The My Trusty skincare range is vegan friendly, 98% natural and made in the UK. We’re proud to be owned by NHS Salisbury and that’s why a share of the profits go to support vital patient care at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

The My Trusty Story


Scientists at NHS Salisbury’s burns unit were looking for a moisturiser that was suitable for healing damaged skin from burns and scarring​.

Frustrated that a suitable moisturiser didn’t exist, they created a formula using sunflower seed oil, known for being a rich source of essential fatty acids​.


Patients given the formula for scars and wounds stated that the moisturiser formed a valuable part of their skin rehabilitation, improving the appearance of scars and reducing itching.


After receiving many requests from non-patients, Salisbury District Hospital increased production of the sunflower-based formula to treat dry, itchy skin, alongside its original use of helping to protect healing skin​.


Salisbury NHS Trust created the ‘My Trusty’ brand and went into commercial production of the hand creams​.


The range was developed and extended into a wider portfolio including a body butter, body lotion and face & body oil​.


Robinson Young entered into an agreement with Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust to source, manufacture and distribute the My Trusty skincare range. A share of the profits go to the Trust to support vital patient care​.


We listened to customer feedback which led to an improvement in the preservative within our sunflower formula, helping to keep the products fresher for longer. We then re-launched the brand with more sustainable packaging (35% PCR), but keeping the original much-loved formulation.

A share of profits go to NHS patient care

We value the hard work and commitment that our wonderful NHS staff have to helping patients. Without the dedication of NHS skin specialists in finding a moisturiser to help heal burns and scars, we wouldn’t have the My Trusty skincare range.

We’re proud to be owned by the NHS and that’s why a share of the profits go to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

My Trusty Awards

My Trusty has achieved several awards over the years, including Highly Commended for our Body Butter at The Beauty Awards with OK! Magazine 2017 as Best New Body Care product. My Trusty is also currently a finalist in the 2024 Natural Health Beauty Awards!