My Trusty’s Top Tips to Avoid Christmas Stress

30 Dec 2015

christmas stress

As Christmas Day approaches, our stress levels soar as we frantically work our way through an endless ‘to-do’ list. Resist the urge to panic – stress can lead to skin breakouts – and follow our 8 tips to take you through one of the busiest times of the year:-

Stay calm : Unless you’re supremely organised (which most of us mere mortals aren’t), there will still be a raft of cards to write, last minute Christmas gifts to buy and relatives to juggle. Now’s the time to stay calm, write down every single thing you need to do, plan it into your schedule and be as disciplined with your time as possible. If all else fails, vouchers make a welcome Christmas gift as the recipient can choose a present that they really want.

Don’t overdo it at the office party : The annual Christmas office party provides you with the perfect occasion to ruin your hard-earned professional reputation! To avoid any post-celebration embarrassment, don’t drink on an empty stomach and try alternating soft drinks with alcohol. As a general rule, if you wouldn’t normally do or say something during working hours, don’t do it at the office party!

Don’t expect too much : It’s impossible to create an ‘ideal’ Christmas. Focus on the fun element rather than wilt under the pressure to stage a perfect day. It’s also important to avoid the temptation to overspend and land yourself in debt. For many, the opportunity to spend time with people they love is the biggest Christmas gift. If you are concerned with the amount you have to do on the day, ask for help from family, friends or your guests. If there’s the odd mishap don’t become too anxious, you’ll laugh about it later (we promise).

Pamper yourself : Find half an hour to take some time out before the big day. Pamper yourself with a home-made spa and take advantage of the chance to de-stress. Lock the door, light some candles, put on some relaxing music and treat yourself to our reviving body butter after your bath or shower. Rejuvenated and refreshed you’ll soon be ready to face the supermarkets and shops for one final push!

Drink water : If you’ve really overdone the partying, water is the only way to rehydrate yourself and flush those toxins out of your system. If you suffer with dry skin or inflammatory skin conditions, the stress and over-indulgence of the season can also lead to unexpected breakouts. With grapeseed, sunflower and rosehip oils, our face and body oil can help to restore the pH balance to your skin. Fragranced with neroli, bergamot and rosemary it also helps to uplift and energise.

Get outside : If you’re suffering from the after-effects of too much food and drink, get into the fresh air, weather permitting. Not only will it help to work off the worst of your seasonal excesses but you’ll feel much better for some gentle walking or cycling. After your workout, take a shower or bath and apply a body butter. A key ingredient of our award winning body butter is shea butter which is known for its ability to ease post-workout soreness.

Don’t be alone : For many Christmas can be a time of isolation, with mental health charities reporting higher levels of depression at this time of year. If you are anxious about being on your own over Christmas, please visit the NHS website for advice and guidance. Don’t try to tough it out alone.

Get some sleep : Your body needs time to recover and repair from your hectic schedule over the festive period but often sleep becomes the one casualty of a sudden change in lifestyle. Take power naps when you get the chance and attempt to have at least one or two early nights over the holiday period.

Have fun! Christmas is a time to celebrate, have fun, reflect and relax. Try not to get too anxious, it’s only one day after all – and the sales begin on Boxing Day!

My Trusty®’s award winning skincare makes the perfect Christmas gift for all the family. Suitable for use on all the family including babies over the age of 8 weeks and mums to be, all profits are reinvested into NHS patient care.


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