Skincare Survival Guide For Frazzled Feet

30 Dec 2016


Life takes on a frenetic pace during December. Many of us cover what seems like miles on our feet in our quest for the perfect Christmas gift. If we’re lucky and have the energy we may dance a few nights away celebrating the festive season too.

In the midst of all of this mayhem, it’s easy to neglect our feet as we cram them into ill-fitting shoes or slip on another pair of high heels. Here’s our guide to the most common problems with your feet, including some tips on how to soften dry skin:-

Cracked, dry heels : If you suffer with dry skin, you may be more prone to cracked skin on your heels, particularly during the winter months. Standing for prolonged periods of time will only exacerbate the problem. Treat your heels to a slathering of a rich body butter or oil to help relieve the most affected areas. A well balanced diet with plenty of anti-oxidants will also help to combat persistent dry skin.

Corns : Corns are circles of thick skin found on your toes, although they may appear anywhere on your feet. Corns develop as a result of wearing badly fitting or high heeled shoes on a regular basis. If you are concerned about your corns, consult your GP, do not attempt to remove them yourself.

Bunions : Left untreated, corns may develop into bunions which typically appear as bumps on the base of your big toe. In the worst cases, bunions can cause your toe to turn in towards the other toes. Surgery is normally the only option to correct this problem.

Calluses : Calluses are areas of toughened skin which develop due to constant pressure from tight fitting shoes or high heels which wedge your feet into unnatural positions. While they aren’t necessarily painful, calluses can lead to long-term skin damage. Choose a moisturiser full of anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids to help to rehydrate and soften skin.

Ingrowing toenails : Anyone who has suffered with ingrowing toenails will know how painful they can be. Ill-fitting shoes coupled with badly cut toenails are generally the prime causes. Always cut across the top of your nails – not down the sides – in order to maintain their natural shape. In some cases, this condition may require surgery.


There are two primary causes lying behind the majority of hard skin conditions that afflict your feet:-

High heels : Those killer heels that make a more regular appearance during party season force all of your weight onto the balls of your feet, leading to calluses, bunions and poor posture over time. If you become accustomed to wearing high heels, it may also ultimately make walking in your bare feet uncomfortable as your Achilles tendon can be shortened. While we don’t want to be party poopers, remember that pain is always a sign that something is wrong.

Flats : Flat shoes which lack support may also leave your feet vulnerable to corns and calluses as they are often tightly worn to keep them on the wearer’s feet.
Vary the style of your shoes to minimise problems and if necessary consult a professional regarding appropriate orthodontic support.


Prevention is always better than cure but the following tips may help to soften and soothe problem areas of skin:-

Soak and file : A soothing foot soak will help to soften off the hardest areas of dry skin, followed by a gentle foot file. Always dry your feet thoroughly before using a file or you risk damaging delicate skin. Never attempt to cut off your hard skin as you may cause long-term damage. Gently file to smooth off the hard edges and follow up with a rich moisturiser. With a hydrating blend of shea and cocoa butter, My Trusty’s award winning body butter can help to rehydrate parched areas of your feet. Pop on a pair of socks immediately afterwards to encourage deeper penetration of the moisturiser into your skin.

Massage : The soles of your feet have no sebaceous glands, making them more susceptible to dryness. A daily massage will help to soften the worst affected areas. Fragranced with rosemary, bergamot and neroli, My Trusty’s face and body oil is quickly and easily absorbed, making it deal for your massage. The skin softening properties of grapeseed, sunflower and rosehip oils will also help to revive tired skin. With gentle, regular pampering you may also see an improvement in your skin tone too.

For more information on the treatment of corns and calluses please visit the NHS website.

My Trusty skincare is specially formulated for use on dry, sensitive skin and may help to ease the symptoms of a range of inflammatory skin conditions, including eczema.


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