The Morning After : 9 Emergency Skincare Repair Tips

31 Dec 2016

dehydrated skin

The festive party season is upon us and while those celebrations are fun at the time, your skin will suffer for it. Hangovers show up in your face the next day, leading to grey dehydrated skin and even the finest of lines suddenly appearing more pronounced. As you emerge to face the day – and your reflection – the only option left open to you is damage limitation.

Try these emergency repair tips for your skin:-

Drink water and lots of it : Alcohol causes dehydration which is the main cause for that pounding head and pasty complexion. Avoid caffeinated drinks as they will give you only a temporary energy boost. The best way to rehydrate is by drinking water and lots of it. If the thought of cold water is too much to contemplate, try lukewarm water with a few drops of lemon juice.

Clean up : If you’ve woken up with last night’s make-up now smudged across your face, wash it off as soon as possible. Clogged pores may lead to skin breakouts like acne. After cleansing apply an oil to add moisture back into your skin. Our face and body oil contains skin boosting grapeseed, sunflower and rosehip oils and is quickly and easily absorbed.

Take a shower : As well as reviving you, a shower will open up and cleanse pores. If you have dry skin, remember to keep the water to a tepid temperature and limit your shower time to ten minutes. Any longer and you will begin to strip the natural oils from your skin. Apply a reviving body butter immediately after to help to stimulate your skin’s recovery process.

Eat : Your digestive system will also be under strain from the after-effects of the night before so it’s important to eat a healthy breakfast to jump start your recovery. Some research suggests that the traditional fry-up may have some beneficial effects but if you must have bacon, we recommend grilling it. Greasy food may add to feelings of queasiness; opt for something gentler on your stomach, such as scrambled eggs on toast.

Treat yourself : On a dehydration scale of 1 to 10 with 1 representing a radiant glow and 10 indicating ‘grey’ , it’s likely you’re close to 10! Treat your tired complexion to My Trusty’s face and body oil. Quickly and easily absorbed to leave your skin looking smooth and soft, it will restore moisture to the places your skin needs it the most. Fragranced with neroli, bergamot and rosemary it will also help to revive your mood as well as your skin.

Get some fresh air : Getting out into the fresh air may help to blow away those hangover cobwebs. If your queasiness persists, there’s only one option left…

Close your eyes : Your eyes are instant hangover giveaways, as dark circles become more pronounced the more dehydrated your skin becomes. Eye-drops and creams may help to banish bloodshot eyes and take the edge off the worst effects but the bad news is that it’s simply a case of waiting for your hangover to pass. Your body is working hard to remove the toxins and repair the damage so if all else fails, we recommend more sleep!

Look after your feet too : Too much dancing on the tables may leave you with sore skin or blistered feet. Our previous blog offers a skincare survival guide for tired, aching feet.

Remember that prevention is better than cure : Minimise the potential effects of ‘the morning after’ with the following advice:-

  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach :Alcohol will be absorbed into your bloodstream much faster and your dehydration more pronounced the next day.
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks :Admittedly, this is a tough one for any of you who have attempted this challenge but it works.
  • Drink water before you go to bed :A large glass of water on returning home may help to offset the worst effects of your hangover.


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