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1 Feb 2017

dry skin

Your skin is your largest organ and first line of defence against the harshest elements. Dry skin develops when your skin lacks the natural oils it needs to protect itself from the environment, a condition which often deteriorates during the freezing winter months, causing sufferers extreme discomfort.

Dry skin isn’t something that happens to other people. It can strike anyone at any time, whether it’s cracked skin on your hands or a flare-up of inflammatory conditions such as eczema.

Here we look at some of the most common problems and how to ease the symptoms:-

Problem 1 : Cracked Feet
It’s a fact that we generally take greater care of our feet during summer when they’re permanently on view, whether in high heeled sandals or flip-flops! Come winter, we wrap them safely away in socks and boots and generally forget about them for a few months. As some of you will know from painful experience, however, winter is often the time when patches of dry skin appear overnight on your feet, leading to sore and cracked heels. Left unchecked this can results in painful calluses and a risk of infection.

To avoid problems, include your feet in your general skincare regime. Wash and dry them thoroughly before following up with a rich moisturising body butter. My Trusty’s award winning body butter contains a rich hydrating blend of shea and cocoa butter to gently nourish the driest areas of your skin. Any problem calluses should be gently removed with a pumice stone or even used as an excuse for a pampering pedicure.

Problem 2 : Dry Hands
Your hands are one of the first areas of your body to reveal the signs of ageing (as well as your neck). They are constantly exposed to the effects of the environment, irritants in everyday cleaning products leading to contact dermatitis and the daily dehydrating effects of washing your hands.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the bad news is that during winter your hands become drier, more cracked and often feel like sandpaper! Conditions such as eczema are also more likely to flare up when exposed to harsh winter elements.

Pay extra attention to your hands during winter with the following tips:-

  • Moisturise hands every time you wash them and at any time during the day that they feel dry. Emollient moisturisers are the most effective on a range of inflammatory skin conditions. My Trusty sunflower cream contains essential fatty acids and sunflower oil (an emollient) to replenish dry skin. It is also quickly and easily absorbed and suitable for use on skin prone to eczema.
  • Wash your hands in lukewarm or tepid water only; extremes of temperature will strip them of natural oils.
  • Wear gloves to minimise your exposure to the effects of cold air, detergents and cleaning products.
  • Drink water throughout the day to maintain overall skin hydration.

Problem 3 : Itchy Skin (& Eczema)
Itchy skin can be one of the most uncomfortable reactions to cooler winter air. Traditional ways of easing the symptoms of itchy skin include:-

  • Taking lukewarm baths and showers
  • Avoiding coarse fabrics (including bedding) against your skin
  • Reapplying your moisturiser often.
  • If these don’t work, you may be suffering with an underlying cause such as eczema.

Eczema affects around one in twelve adults in the UK, resulting in red, scaly and inflamed skin. For more information on dealing with this painful condition, read our previous blog, 9 Ways To Ease Eczema Symptoms

General Tips
Paying attention to the most exposed and vulnerable areas is essential to maintain healthy skin during winter. One of the principal causes of dehydrated skin is central heating. For more information on this common problem, our previous article on 5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Central Heating may be helpful.

If your skin becomes extra dry during winter, you may also benefit from switching to a face and body oil, rather than your usual moisturising lotion.

For ultra-dry, problematic skin conditions, always consult your doctor or dermatologist,

My Trusty skincare products are specially formulated for use on dry, sensitive skin and may help to ease the symptoms of a range of inflammatory skin conditions, including eczema.


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