Men’s Skincare : 7 Vital Tips To Get Started

30 May 2016

skincare tips for men

Seven skincare tips for men to start their daily routine

Men and skincare are not two words that naturally fit together but before you recoil in horror at the thought of a ‘skincare routine’, think again. These seven tips can easily be incorporated into your daily routine without the need for investing in expensive skincare products.

Revamp your shower routine : Men lose collagen and elastin from their skin at a slower rate than women but that’s no excuse for a ‘splash and go’ approach to skincare. Harsh soaps and facial scrubs will still strip your skin of its natural oils. Throw in twenty minutes under a steaming hot shower and you have the perfect recipe for dry, irritated skin, which is exacerbated if it’s sensitive too. Shower for no more than 10 minutes once a day in tepid water.

Use gentle cleansers : Most men adopt a ‘one routine fits all’ approach when it comes to their skincare, but of course it doesn’t. If you have dry or sensitive skin, use a gentle moisturising cleanser or facial wash to remove the daily build-up of oil and grime on your skin. Exfoliation will also help to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. Be aware that exfoliating will irritate sensitive skin in which case you should skip this step in your skincare routine. Cleasing your skin is also vital prior to shaving as it will clear blocked pores.

Pay attention to your shave : For best results – and as a time-saver – shave while you are in the shower. The humidity of the water will help your pores to remain open and make the whole process much easier. Choose a quality razor to avoid troublesome ingrowing hairs and shaving ‘bumps’ and shave in the direction of your hair growth, not against it. This will help to avoid irritation of skin. If it does become inflamed use a moisturiser that may help to reduce redness and irritation.

Use a facial moisturiser : Yes, a facial moisturiser! Choose a light, non-greasy moisturising cream which will naturally hydrate your skin and replace lost moisture. My Trusty sunflower cream contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids and is suitable for use on dry skin as well as on skin prone to eczema. It’s also available in a fragrance-free version and with 5% sunflower oil it may help to ease inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne.

Avoid alcohol (in your aftershave) : Alcohol dries out your skin on both the inside and the outside. Choose an aftershave that will help to hydrate your skin as well as seal open pores after you’ve finished shaving.

Look after your hands : Your hands are one of the first areas to show the sign of ageing. If your job involves physical work your hands may suffer, regardless of your attempts to protect them. A moisturiser that can also be used as a hand cream will help to reduce the chances of sore and cracked skin.

Use sunscreen : The sun’s UVA rays are responsible for up to 80% of the signs of ageing. Apply a sunscreen to protect your skin every day. Again, this is important if you work outdoors on a regular basis. Don’t be fooled by typically overcast British weather, skin cancer is on the rise in the UK – the use of a sunscreen has never been more important.

With the range of choices available in men’s skincare, now’s the time to invest in your skin. My Trusty skincare is formulated for use on sensitive and dry skin and suitable for use on all the family too.



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