Inflight Skincare : 10 Tips To Combat Dehydration

30 Jul 2015

inflight skincare

Have you ever emerged from your long haul holiday flight with glowing, radiant skin, a la Victoria Beckham? Nope, us neither.

The fact is that while summer holidays abroad are fun, getting there can play havoc with your skin. Spending hours cooped up 30,000 feet above the ground affects skin hydration levels, resulting in puffiness, dark circles, dry, flaky patches and breakouts of inflammatory conditions like acne. It’s hardly the dream start to your holiday.

The problem is that the air during your flight is recycled throughout the cabin, creating a moisture free, confined environment. Dry air sucks the moisture from wherever it finds it, which includes your skin! The result is dry skin becomes more parched while oily skin compensates for the loss of moisture by increasing its oil production.

Add to this the effects of jetlag, sleep deprivation and rising stress levels which may result in blotchiness, need we say more?

Combat in-flight dehydration with our ten essential tips:-

Pre-flight skincare

Drink water : In the final few days prior to your flight, begin to increase the amount of water you drink to plump up your skin cells.

Double up on your moisturiser : This is especially effective at night to prepare your skin for the onslaught of moisture deprivation. Your body will also benefit from a rich, hydrating moisturiser to help your skin to lock in moisture.

Apply a serum : Before boarding your flight apply a serum to your skin that will deliver instant moisture. Try our face & body oil which penetrates the surface of the skin quickly. Follow up with a layer of moisturiser but go easy on the make-up – it will clog pores and increase dehydration.

During your flight

Forget misting : Don’t mist your face with a hydrating spray. The dry air will pounce on it and suck it straight back out of your skin.

Drink more water : Drinking water is the golden rule for preventing parched skin on every occasion but particularly in the artificially dry in-flight environment.

Keep a moisturiser handy : Keep a moisturiser or a natural facial oil in your hand luggage to top up your hydration levels but check your airline’s rules on hand luggage first.

Get some sleep : On a long haul flight try and get some sleep to prevent fine lines becoming more prominent. If you’re a nervous flyer, sleep will also help you to relax and minimise your stress levels.

Blot your skin : The pressurised, recycled cabin air means that oily skin increases oil production to combat dehydration. Bacteria becomes trapped under the skin often leading to unwanted breakouts in the first few days of your holiday. Blotting your skin can help to reduce the levels of bacteria and prevent inflammation.

After your arrival…

Cleanse your skin : Cleanse and remoisturise dehydrated skin when you arrive at your destination and apply the same steps as you did for your pre-flight skincare regime, with generous doses of moisturiser or serum. The unique blend of grapeseed, sunflower and rosehip oils in our face & body oil contains the essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants your skin needs.

Drink, moisturise, repeat : A few days before your journey home follow the pre-flight regime above. We can’t promise you’ll arrive looking like a celebrity but the chances are your skin will retain sufficient hydration to avoid that washed out post-flight look.

Developed by Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, My Trusty® award winning skincare is specially formulated for use on dry, sensitive skin. Rich in essential fatty acids it revives dehydrated skin. Both our face & body oil and sunflower creams are proven to help reduce the appearance of scars.Image Credit :


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