Life’s A Beach : 7 Tips For Post-Beach Skincare

1 Jun 2017

The summer holidays are well and truly upon us and whether you’re enjoying a staycation at home or sipping cocktails while overlooking the Mediterranean, it’s vital to look after your skin. After a long day soaking in the sun’s rays it will thank you for taking care of a few basics.

Take a cool shower
A lazy day spent in the sun normally means applying layer upon layer of sunscreen. The resulting combination of lotions and sea salt plays havoc with your skin. Cleanse your body thoroughly to remove any build-up with a hydrating shower gel. A cool or lukewarm shower will not only be more refreshing but help to prolong your hard-earned tan. Follow up with a rich body butter. Packed with anti-oxidants, My Trusty’s body butter is ideal to fight off the dehydrating effects of the sun’s rays. Apply it immediately after showering to lock-in that much needed moisture.

Look after your hair
The drying effects of sun and saltwater will suck all of the moisture from your hair, leaving it tangled, frizzy and frankly, looking like it’s seen better days. Before heading out to the beach, apply a spray-in detangling conditioner to avoid stubborn knots later in the day. Your hair is vulnerable to UV rays too so add in a UV sunscreen to prevent it from becoming straw-like. After a day at the beach, always use a deep conditioner or hair mask, with a wide tooth comb to avoid tangling and breakage.

Exfoliate those feet!
Let’s face it, for most of us, our feet don’t see the light of day for over six months of the year so kick off those sandals when you hit that beach! Sand is a natural exfoliator so we recommend you take advantage of your beach time with a stroll in the cool wet sand at the water’s edge (it also counts as exercise!) While you’re in the water rub your feet into the sand for added exfoliation and at the end of a long day, moisturise them using a rich hydrating cream. We’re not promising you perfect feet in the space of two weeks but your skin should slowly begin to soften.

Use lip balm
The skin on your lips is one of the most vulnerable areas of your body. To counteract their tendency to burn in the sun, use a lip balm with a built-in SPF and re-apply throughout the day. The same post-beach rules apply – use a moisturising lip balm, especially for overnight hydration.

Protect your face
Don’t exfoliate after a day on the beach as the combination of sand and sea breezes act as a natural exfoliant. Cleanse your face gently to ensure all sunscreen is removed before applying a moisturiser. With 5% sunflower oil My Trusty’s Little Sunflower Cream is rich in essential fatty acids and gentle on your skin. It is also suitable for use as an aftersun.

Rehydrate (drink lots of water)
Before you head out for your evening cocktails, drink plenty of water to restore moisture levels to your skin. Try sipping water with your evening meal too; it will help to limit the double whammy of hangover and skin dehydration the next morning which is never a great look for a day at the beach. If all else fails, wear sunglasses!

Don’t forget My Trusty! Our skincare products are specially formulated for use on dry skin and make an ideal cooling after sun moisturiser. Add our sunflower cream and body butter to your beauty essentials for your beach holiday. Bon voyage!


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