7 Things To Look Forward To While Summer’s Still Here!

16 Aug 2016


It’s nearly the midpoint in August and with this week’s downpours, it’s beginning to feel that Autumn is imminent. The good news is that there are still officially a few weeks of summer left and lots to look forward to.

Here are 7 things to enjoy for the rest of the summer:-

One more Bank Holiday weekend! We have one more Bank Holiday before the seemingly endless stretch to the next one in December (we all know what that one is but as it’s only August we aren’t naming it). Bank holidays mean one last chance to take a whole week off work without using five days out of your precious annual leave entitlement. Plan to make the most of one more three-day weekend before it’s been and gone!

Plenty of time to head out to the beach : There’s still plenty of time to book a last minute holiday and head out to foreign shores for two weeks of guaranteed sunshine. Failing that, take a staycation, the UK has plenty to offer if you tend to wilt in the heat. Remember, My Trusty sunflower cream is suitable for use as an aftersun after a day on the beach.

Sunsets and natural phenomena : This week it’s been hard to miss the ‘Supermoon’ (perigee moon) dominating the summer night skies. For those who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse, the dazzling Perseid asteroid shower has also been visible in the evenings. If you missed them there are still plenty of gorgeous late summer sunsets to come as the nights begin to very slowly draw in.

More family time : School’s still out for a few weeks yet so there’s time to enjoy the remnants of summer with your children while they’re still young enough to enjoy spending the summer holidays with you! If your patience has been tried and tested this holiday, take some time for yourself after packing them off to bed. Our body butter will uplift and energise even the most weary parents at the end of a long day.

Music festivals a-plenty : Music lovers of all tastes are still spoilt for choice for the next few weeks and as Glastonbury has safely passed, there’s probably less chance of your tent getting flooded! If you’re heading for a festival, prepare for the unpredictable summer weather. My Trusty skincare products are easy to throw into your beauty bag, together with your SPF, umbrella, wellies, sunglasses, lip balm, wide-brimmed hat and some protection against the inevitable mozzies.

It will soon be time to cover up (phew!) : In a few weeks’ time, the weather will cool as Autumn beckons. At last you’ll be able to wave goodbye to the daily need to shave, wax, exfoliate, apply the fake tan, endlessly moisturise or wear flowing maxi dresses to disguise the fact that you’ve neglected your beauty routine! If you find the daily rituals something of a chore, it’s not long now.

My Trusty is preparing to launch a new skincare product : Following on the success of our sunflower cream and recently launched body butter we’ll soon be announcing the release of a new addition to our skincare range. We’re really excited and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. Watch this space!


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