5 Benefits Of A Natural Skincare Regime

25 May 2013

The majority of women (and an increasing number of men) use a combination of skincare products on a daily basis. It’s estimated that around 60% of what you actually put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. The more complicated your skincare routine, the greater the cocktail of chemicals your skin is exposed to. In extreme cases it can affect your immune system and your overall health.

Choosing natural skincare products will offer the following benefits:-

Reduced skin irritation : Increasing numbers of adults suffer with skin conditions such as eczema, acne and sensitive skin which could be lessened by adopting a natural skincare regime. What’s more, conventional beauty products can often lead to allergies and irritation in your skin, particularly if it is dry or sensitive. Choose products with natural ingredients such as skin nourishing sunflower oil which is rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega E and anti-oxidants and ideal for use on sensitive or inflammatory skin conditions.

Free from parabens : Parabens are preservatives added to many skincare products and cosmetics. Check the list of ingredients in your current skincare and you will find them listed as methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben and isoparaben. While they are used to extend a product’s shelf life, parabens are also synthetics with an ability mimic the body’s natural hormones. For this reason, concern has been expressed regarding their potential adverse effects on the body’s endocrine system (relating to your glands and hormones). To avoid these potentially damaging side effects, choose skincare products that are free from parabens.

Better for the environment : The use of natural skincare products is regarded as more eco-friendly as the ingredients used break down without polluting the environment. Some of the chemicals in conventional beauty products take much longer to break down and in some cases may not be biodegradable,. This can result in harm to ecosystems over time.

Improved skin condition : While skincare products loaded with chemicals and irritants may give your skin a boost in the short-term, the long-term potential for damage will outweigh the temporary benefits. A natural approach to your skincare regime will result in a more radiant and sustainable glow to your skin and reduced potential for skin breakouts.

Good value for money : Natural skincare products are good value for money as a little goes a long way. My Trusty face & body oil is 99% natural, and requires only the smallest amount applied to your skin for maximum benefit. With grapeseed, sunflower and rosehip oil it deeply moisturises, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Natural skincare products are generally considered a preferable alternative, especially for women with sensitive skin. When trying any new skincare product, carry out a patch test to ensure it is suitable for use on your skin.

My Trusty skincare is free from parabens, colours and lanolin and not tested on animals. The latest addition to our skincare range, our face and body oil, is 99% natural with a unique blend of grapeseed (48.5%), sunflower (10%) and rosehip (1%) oil to deeply moisturise skin.

All of our products are dermatologically tested, kind to skin and suitable for use on skin prone to eczema, babies over the age of 8 weeks and mothers-to-be.

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