Life’s A Beach : 7 Tips For Post-Beach Skincare

1 Jun 2017

The summer holidays are well and truly upon us and whether you’re enjoying a staycation at home or sipping cocktails while overlooking the Mediterranean, it’s vital to look after your skin. After a long day soaking in the sun’s rays it will thank you for taking care of a few basics. Take a cool shower A lazy day spent in the sun normally means applying layer upon layer of sunscreen. The... Read More »

shea butter

Shea Butter : Your Skin’s Best Friend

30 Apr 2017

The use of shea butter in skincare can be traced back through millennia. The luminous beauty of Nerfertiti, Queen of ancient Egypt, was attributed to the moisturising effects of shea butter in a sunbaked climate. Nor was she the only member of Egyptian royalty to rely on its beauty enhancing properties. Cleopatra was also a fan. Extracted from the nuts of the shea tree found dotted across the... Read More »


7 Things To Look Forward To While Summer’s Still Here!

16 Aug 2016

It’s nearly the midpoint in August and with this week’s downpours, it’s beginning to feel that Autumn is imminent. The good news is that there are still officially a few weeks of summer left and lots to look forward to. Here are 7 things to enjoy for the rest of the summer:- One more Bank Holiday weekend! We have one more Bank Holiday before the seemingly endless stretch to the next... Read More »

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