Another Skin Breakout? Try These 11 Acne Busting Tips

30 May 2017

Acne is a skincare condition normally associated with teenagers but for some it persists into adulthood. The bad news is, that women are more prone to adult acne than men, with around 5% of women suffering from unwelcome outbreaks, compared to 1% of men. Acne is basically blocked pores that become infected with bacteria which are often the result of your skin reacting to hormonal changes, or... Read More »

grapeseed oil

7 Reasons Your Skin Needs Grapeseed Oil

12 Oct 2016

Rich in beta-carotene and containing a generous dose of essential fatty acids, grapeseed oil is the prime ingredient (48.5%) in My Trusty’s face and body oil. Packed with anti-oxidants and rich in Vitamin E, grapeseed oil offers a range of benefits for your skin and is suitable for all skin types. It’s also a must for your daily skincare routine – here’s why:- Relieves acne symptoms... Read More »

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