Free hand cream for NHS

9 Apr 2020

My Trusty currently contributes a portion of our profits back to the NHS, however during this trying time we want to support our brave NHS employees even more so. Therefore, we have set aside 250 tubes of our Sunflower hand cream to be given away to 250 NHS employees. The cream, as with all our products, was originally developed by the NHS so it only seems right that some of it goes back to them.

To NHS personnel: To claim your free tube, simply contact us on this website using the contact form provided with your name and hospital/hospice address

To non-NHS personnel: If you know anyone working in the NHS who could benefit from a free tube of our hand cream, please let them know and send them the above link.

We would like to thank the NHS for their tireless work and want to let them know that we truly appreciate all that they are doing to help combat this virus.


Terms & conditions

  1. 250 tubes of hand cream available exclusively to NHS personnel, for free. 100ml only.
  2. 1 tube of hand cream per person
  3. NHS personnel can choose between fragrance free OR lavender scented
  4. Free delivery
  5. Delivery to medical premises only
  6. UK delivery only
  7. 250 tubes available on a first come, first served basis
  8. Orders will be fulfilled chronologically.

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