About us


Leading NHS skincare scientists, dissatisfied with moisturisers generally available, developed and tested a sunflower formula to provide better care for skin. High grade natural sunflower oil was chosen as the primary ingredient because it is rich in linoleic acid that has many beneficial properties for healthy skin.

The History

In the late 1970s, a clinic was set up in Salisbury Hospital to help burns patients with their own self care for skin repair, and to try to limit the severity of their scars.

Author: Peter Shakespeare, Emeritus Director Burns Research Unit. (2015)

In an attempt to further improve patients skin care, leading skin research scientist Dr Peter Shakespeare, conducted an investigation to observe different skin conditions. Patients suffering from seriously dry/damaged skin were found to lack linoleic acid, in their diet. The absence of this essential fatty acid affects the barrier function of the skin allowing body water to evaporate, thus leading to dry itchy skin.

Natural high grade sunflower oil was identified as a rich source of linoleic acid, and, when formulated with a water-based cream, created the perfect consistency for a rich, highly absorbent moisturiser. Regular use resulted in significant improvements in the appearance of scars and the overall quality and texture of skin.

In an innovatory development in 1982, the Hospital Pharmacy began to produce a cream containing 5% sunflower, which was initially supplied in plain white pots labelled ‘The Sunflower Cream’. Patient demand increased, due it’s effectiveness as a soothing skin moisturiser, and in 2012 the decision was made to invest in the commercialisation of the sunflower cream. It was here where the My Trusty brand was born.

Receiving a large amount of national press, online sales grew, leading the Trust to expand its offer with practical 250ml pumps, as well as more products to target specific dry skin areas. Using our tried and tested sunflower formula, we created a luxury Body Butter and Face & Body Oil using a unique blend of natural essential oils. By the end of 2015, we had our family of skincare.

Following an exciting new look for the product in 2016, we are quickly becoming a household name, with our products now used not only by healthcare professionals for their patients, but also by the public for wider uses.